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Welcome to Scott Racing

Innovative technology inspired by motor sport.

Products and services

We offer services to develop market leading products to a wide range of industrial sector. Our Technical Centre offers advanced facilities for projects including custom electronics design, software engineering, engine development, fuel testing and technical consultancy services. SR, SR Technologies


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Our motor sport activities provide a fantastic platform to promote exciting, innovative or high performance products. Our approach to motor racing attracts a high degree of media attention. engine, electronics, electronics design, race, racing engine, EcoF3, software development, biodiesel, DME, Eco F3, biofuel, bioethanol, hybrid

Green Technology

We are proving that alternative fuels such as biodiesel and new more environmentally friendly hybrid technologies can be used in competitive racing engines. We also offer in-engine biofuels performance testing for fuel research and development to a diverse range of clients. 

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